Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Shop is OPEN!!!

So many positive things happening right now. I have a Tuesday Travels post started, but I just have to put it off til tomorrow because I'm just bursting at the seems with more exciting news!

I started listing items in my shop today. It felt awesome to finally see my creations popping up on my page. We got called away to take care of some other business. Before I even had a chance to finish posting all of my items, I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM!!!! I can hardly contain myself.

Short and sweet. Here's my very own shop on etsy.


And this was my very first sale. (update: omg omg! They actually bought 2 things. I am such a happy girl today.)

Upcycled Plum, Wine and Pumpkin Sweater HEADBAND/DREADWRAP/
EAR WARMER/NECK WARMER with plum edging

Upcycled Plum, Wine and Pumpkin Sweater LEG WARMERS with red wine edging

More exciting news to come. :) jessie b

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