Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Travels - back to Tahoe

Last week, my friends finally had their beautiful baby boy! I was sticking around Wichita until I got to hold him and kiss his soft cheeks. It was so totally worth it.

baby and mama

daddy, baby, and mama

big sis already in love

On Wednesday, we left Wichita and headed to Syracuse, Kansas for a short visit with my mom.

I stopped by my house to say goodbye and see if the leaves had changed yet. The Maples were just beautiful and I felt proud.

By Thursday night, we were already heading down the road again on America's Loneliest Highway. We had a relaxed trip taking our time stopping in Gunnison, CO...

I was thinking of my nephews as I watched this train
weave through the mountains beside the river.

Snow in Colorado

Gunnison shops

This little children's art station was inside an art gallery in Gunnison.

and then stopped in Moab, Utah to visit Arches National Park.

Arches National Park

I finally got to see where Wiley Coyote lives.

Once in Nevada, we stopped in Ely at the Historic Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall where we stayed in a Dukes of Hazard themed room.

Back on Hwy 50, we stopped to take a self-guided walking tour at the Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area. We wondered off a little to see some earthquake faults. And then back on the hwy where we saw this incredible shoe tree.

We made it to Tahoe Sunday night and stayed with friends for a couple days before finding our own little place.

**warning! Lots of details about our new place follows.** It has no stairs, just park at the door. For those who've never been around this or a similar area, no stairs is uncommon. It has a huge mud room (which probably sold us right there) for our bikes, boards, boots and more. The layout is great. The kitchen is updated and open to the living room. It's furnished with comfy beds, other nice furniture, even a flat screen tv (for movies of course). There are 2 bedrooms and each bedroom has an extra nook for an office space. There is a gas fireplace and an old wood burning stove. It has a sliding glass door (basically a picture window) leading out to a nice deck with a beautiful view of the valley. We just happened to be there at sunset and wow, it was a good one.
I was a little surprised that Nick asked for an application since it is quite a ways from the ski lift, but I am happy he did. It was the first place we both were excited about. We looked at each other and could see the excitement in each others face and just knew "this is it".

pictures of the new place coming soon...just need to settle in first :)


  1. Nice! Glad you guys are back in Tahoe.

  2. I stole your pictures :-) Why didn't you take pictures of the Dukes of Hazard room?

  3. @David, we did take some pictures but I didn't think they turned out that great.

  4. What an amazing road trip!! I want to go to ALL of those places! I've actually never been any more "west" than where I am right now (Iowa) if you can believe that!