Monday, November 22, 2010

31 before 32

Last January, I posted 30 before 31...although my birthday is in September. I did however review that list in September in case you missed it. I have carried over most of the 'in progress' and 'nope. didn't do it" goals to this new list. here we go.

31 goals before I turn 32.

1. build
2. redesign my blog
3. start selling on <---- Yes!
4. sell a painting to a stranger
5. write and illustrate a children's book
6. be in a craft/handmade (ie Renegade Handmade)/art show
7. sew a dress via a pattern
8. grandma's cookbook/recipe cards
9. weekly dread love
10. visit 3 new places/states <---- this is a yearly goal. I recently visited UT for the first time during the road trip back to Tahoe.
11. get a stamp in my passport/visit Niecey
12. make new friends and local connections
13. make an ear or neck warmer <---- Yes. I have made 5 so far.

14. fill all the frames and canvases that left Asheville with me
15. reach day 30 of snowboarding <---- I have 2 days down so far this season
16. a snowboarding video, once I get better
17. learn to sew a button hole
18. eat something new
19. find & try new healthy recipes...e.i. vegeburgers
20. keep up with what my business/life models are doing/accomplishing
21. create something in flash
22. alter clothing
23. try some new dread do's
24. a fun photoshoot <---- yes. they were product photoshoots, but there are some fun photos of me too.
25. make a bag
26. make a plushy
27. make some spunki aprons <---- in progress
28. checkout some local bands
29. get involved in the local art scene
30. do something scary
31. create a schedule. tweek it as i go, but use it none-the-less

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