Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moon Boots in the Desert

free stuff or thrifting?
Well, both of course!

Ok, so I've been a craigslist user for quite a few years now, but hadn't taken advantage of the free section until this week. I found a listing that stated there was going to be a whole house free of stuff (tenants moved out and left basically everything behind). The free-for-all was to take place from 8-9am, so yesterday morning we got up early and arrived 30 minutes before we were suppose to be there. We were actually 2nd to arrive. By 5 mins til 8, 20 other people had arrived. Finally the guys in charge showed up, but told us that we'd have to wait 15 mins while they took pictures of everything. We were all waiting like hungry vultures. I was envisioning this getting ugly. Are people going to fight over things? Finally we were allowed in. Nick and I strategically went straight for the couch. Yay, there's a couch! And it's not too bad. Does it smell? No, it's good. Pick it up, lets go. So the two of us picked of the couch and headed out the door. It didn't fit out the first 2 doors we tried so we had to go around back out the sliding glass door... wasting a lot of precious time we could have used to pick out a few other prime items. But we got a free couch! We drove it home on the roof of the Subaru Outback.

Oh yeah... so we did make it back inside the 'free-for-all' to snag a couple things. Nothing big. There seriously wasn't much left after about 15 mins. On the way out the door I found these rainbow boots. Too bad they are too big for me. We're guessing men's size 10.

Yep, rainbow moon boots in the desert.

And then today, we found the 2 thrift stores in our nearest town. And they had lots of good stuff. Here's a pile I really wanted to take home, however the prices were 2-3 times more than I am use to paying. So I just walked away.

And found more fun stuff.

I might just have to go back and see if this vintage yellow chair and cute picnic basket are still there on a sale day. I can just image a colorful liner waiting to brighten up your day as you reach in for your lunch.

ok. ok. I did walk away with 2 things I found at the 2nd thrift store. An aqua pyrex (in need of a special lid) and an olive cake-saver tupperware. I have wanted a vintage cake saver for years. I love that it's olive. It suits me perfect. =)

fun fact. I also considered calling this post... Thrift & Boots.


  1. Looking forward to a picture of the free couch! Love the aqua pyrex. I love that color.

  2. Those moon boots are completely over the moon. LOL I so remember when everyone had those boots. Now work them boots Nick. Love it.

  3. When I was cleaning them, I found that they are size 11/12 (women's, I'm sure) which makes since for them to fit a man's size 9-10 foot (10 1/2 without socks). I think I'm going to sell them in my etsy shop since they don't fit me. :]