Friday, September 9, 2011

my first vistors

I had my first visitors today! Seriously, this is the first time anyone has come to visit me since I left Kansas 2 years ago. So of course I was excited. It was so cool to see family and take them around to some of my favorite places. We went to the farmers market and each got a ripe piece a fruit that we ate right there on the spot. Juice running down our chins and all. We then went to the beach and soaked up some sunshine and dipped our toes in the cool Lake Tahoe water. For lunch we ate at Sprouts and everyone seemed very satisfied with all the yummy options. After that we ran across the street to show them the little gallery where some of my paintings are hanging. And to finish off the day, we drove to Emerald Bay (where this picture was taken).

 So nice to be with wonderful people. Although we grew up on different sides of the country and only saw each other a few times through the years, I felt super comfortable hanging out with them. Truly family.


  1. Who are these people?? We are related?

  2. See what happens when you miss too many family reunions? Yes, Dianna is Rich and Doris' daughter. They use to live in Washington when their 2 daughters were growing up (you might remember them from about 20 years ago at Shirley's). This is their oldest daughter and her husband.

  3. Michelle! I could tell it was Doris' daughter and I haven't seen her since you girls were young! hahaha

    Glad they visited you, Jess. How fun!