Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Travels - funny mishap

This past Thursday, I drove to Sacramento to meet up with some family. I made it to Sac around 7:30pm and was driving down a 4 lane street with the windows down, jamming to the radio. All of a sudden I heard hollers from the car beside me. Are you kidding me? A car full of guys are heckling me? Wow, it's been ages since that's happened. Um, kids, I'm 32 years old. You must need glasses. haha.

So I ignored them. I just kept jamming down the street. But, I could see out of the corner of my eye that the car was staying beside me. Neck and neck as we both drove down the street. The hollers continuing. And then the next light turned red and I knew I'd be uncomfortably stuck idling beside them until it turned green. I guessed that they just realized the same thing because they became even rowdier. So as I began to break, I casually rolled up my window, leaving the passenger side window down to keep the car cool. Odd thing was, I could still feel a breeze blowing THROUGH the car and not only could I hear them still, they seemed to erupt in laughter. All the while, I kept my eyes straight ahead.

The light turned green and they finally got tired of teasing me and drove off. It wasn't until they were completely out of sight, that I then turned to look at my window. Some how it came off the track and rotated 90 degrees, looking something like this....

No wonder they were laughing their heads off.

I had to jump back on the highway before reaching my destination. The wind at that speed was causing the window to flap and bang against the car. I had to drive down the highway holding the window to keep it from flapping. Only slightly less embarrassing than being laughed at by a car full of obnoxous boys.

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