Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wild Wednessday: July Showers bring August...Mushrooms?

It has been raining like crazy here in Kansas the past few weeks. The rivers are full and rushing. Lawns are growing tall. And mushrooms are popping up everywhere!

I have never seen so many and so many HUGE lawn mushrooms. I was really wanting to eat them. A little olive oil. Lots of garlic. Mmmm. But others warned me not to, so I didn't. (A friend shared this site with me that lets you sort of 'build' your mushroom to figure out what kind you have.)

At least they made for some neat pictures. Wish I had had some miniature gnomes for props.

 this one was as big as my size 9

I picked them all carefully and bagged them up before mowing, to find this little golf tee of a mushroom just a few days later.

And this funky orange one too!

Happy Wild Wednesday to you all!

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