Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 Year Dreadiversary

Today marks 5 years of having dreads.

My Sweetheart was kind enough to do a little photoshoot with me and we totally lucked out on the weather. Sunshine and blue skies.

We biked around downtown until we found this cool wall....

and had a little fun.

Random list of Dread bits from the past year:
    • Still using the same washing technique and recipe.
    • I bought some Argan oil and tried putting it on my dreads to make them softer. I liked the way it made them feel. Although I only did it a handful of times, I think it helped a bit and if I had kept doing it, it would have made a bigger difference. 
    • I don't recall any breaking off this year.  
    • To combat the criss-cross and grow together tendency, I would separate them and then use a felting needle on the stray hairs.

    • They were the inspiration for this years Halloween custom again. 
    • I would really love to do some fun and crazy things with them more often...because I can and mind as well take advantage while I have them.
    • I still receive lots of compliments and questions from strangers.
    • I still day dream about cutting them off and scrubbing my bald head.
    • I am sooo ready to be done with them, mostly because they are super long and always seem to be in the way. 

    If I make it another year, it will be a miracle.
    The top 2 reasons for not chopping them off as soon as it gets warmer:
    1. My boyfriend likes them. (He thinks I should keep them until after I get married. No, we are not engaged.;) )
    2. I plan to travel overseas next year and something about having dreads gives me ...comfort? (for lack of a better word), strength?, peace of mind? perhaps.

    Hmmm, I think I'm in need of dread-do inspiration. Like the kind I was filled with when dreads were still just a wee glimmer in my eye.

    How they've changed through the years....
    4 Year Dreadiversary
    3 Year Dreadiversary
    2 Year Dreadiversary
    1 Year Dreadiversary

    And at the end of this post, are baby dreads. 30 Years of hairdos

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