Monday, November 2, 2009

Art Critique - series 1

Yay! I am starting a new series of posts. I'm going to share a painting with you that I am working on and give you some details about it. You are then encouraged to express any thoughts or ideas you may have. Positive feedback is always appreciated, but constructive critism is key here.

Ok! Let's start.

Painting #1 :)
This a painting for a little girl who loves horses. (Note to said little girl's parents: please don't allow her to browse my blog between now and Christmas. It's a surprise of course.)
Size: 12 x 12".

(We are without internet at the moment so...) These pictures were taken and uploaded with my phone. Hopefully they turn out close enough to the real thing. Originally, I was intending to paint the horses. Light brown for the top one, gray for the bottom left corner and a paint (white with brown spots) for the right one.....but I'm diggin them left yellow (which is the under painting I did first). If left this way, the focus is shifted to the words from my intention = the horses primarily. I was gonna have the words partially covered by the top horse. I can leave the horses yellow and lower the contrast by lightening the words.

Ok. So thoughts on painting the horses, etc. If you have other random thought or ideas, those are welcome. too.


  1. Hi, Jess,
    I personally like the yellow horses. What if you did the lettering so that each letter was a horse or two in some position that would make it recognizable as a letter? There might have to be ground under the feet for some of them.... Is the horse in the upper left heading off the page? The "what" makes it impossible to tell if that is a head or a tail or what.
    Neat, neat horses!

  2. I like the yellow horses also...a fading whimsical feel. The letters should be lighter like air to refocus on the dreamy horses and not over power the feel. Good job.

  3. thanks to everyone that shared their thoughts. (there were a few who did it via email. sorry you all don't get to read them :( )
    The consensus is...leave the horses yellow! and lower the contrast on the letters. the rest of the suggestions were varied. I'll get to work and post the results! :)