Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Road Trip

ok ok . so i didnt think we were gonna go on any more road trips before leaving asheville.... but we did. nick had a great idea to go to charleston, sc (the holy city) for the weekend.

(holy city because of all the steeples)

and we sooooo lucked out because the weather was absolutely perfect! mid 70s both days.

we stayed in a bed and breakfast.

walked a lot.

took lots of pictures of old buildings, etc.

(the bff of the lady who owns the b&b we stayed in, owns this b&b. we ate breakfast there this morning while sitting on the middle floor deck... has a view of the harbor)

(click to enlarge and check out the braids)

took a tour of a dungeon.

ate some locally caught seafood, homemade ice cream and gelato, and some southern bbq... all yum!

(had amberjack for the first time. it was ok, but the swordfish, scallops, crabcakes, hush puppies, sweet potato souffle were great.)

(these metal plates were on our table. barbar streisand and jimmy buffet both sat at our table. for reals. we ate at hymans. its a famous restaurant known for sneaking in celebs via a back entrance. we didnt know the other 2 names on the table)

(this one's for you, shell. no no, not the bloody mary (it was pretty good actually), the boiled peanuts. these ones were better)

took a boat ride out to fort sumter.

(0ne of the shells in the wall)

took a bicycle taxi ride. hmmm....and checked out the market and a bunch of art galleries.

did i mention we arrived there yesterday afternoon and drove back tonight.

(above photo cred to nick)

(protecting the imported goods)

ha ha. turbo tourists or something. it wasnt stressful though, we enjoyed it and were relaxed.

on the way home tonight, the radio station was set to npr on car talk. during the show they played split lip rayfield's song "the kiss of death" and we both recognized it right away and got so excited that we started texting our fellow fans about it (after singing along of course).


  1. I just love the Carolinas!! Such historic beauty!

  2. you would have liked the palmer house (the pink house). she had pink plates and mugs too. we thought of you

  3. Oh! a pink palace...a girl can't have too much plates. I noticed the pink it. These are some great architectural pics. But my favorite is Nick and the frogs..hahaha