Wednesday, May 26, 2010

backwards day

Yesterday was another great day, but it turned out that we did things a little ... backwards?

(note: I carried my camera around all day, but didn't take a single picture. This pic was from a previous kiting at the beach day. I just think my shadow dreads are cute.)

Someone decided to play hooky from work and play with me all day instead. We decided to hike up the hill near our house to check out the neighborhood hot tub. A couple people were already soaking there, but they were nice and we joined them for awhile. It was probably around 2 in the afternoon and granted probably much colder here then most other places in the US right now (I'd guess 50 degrees), but it actually felt pretty warm to be sitting in a hot tub. Don't get me wrong, it was nice and felt pretty good, but I kept standing with my upper body out of the water to cool off.

After that we decided to go to the beach and fly the kite. There wasn't much wind at the top of the mountain where we live, but we hoped there'd be some at the bottom by the lake. So we went and it was super windy. Like chilly where gloves and hat chilly. We took turns flying the kite. The wind was so strong it was literally pulling me around with the kite. As we left the beach, the wind seemed to die down so the chill left too.

Around five we made it to happy hour at the Naked Fish for some sushi. Yum! We left a little room so we thought 'ice cream'. As we walked a ways it started to sprinkle and again get chilly. That's when it hit me. Eating ice cream while walking in the cold rain. Sitting in the hot tub in the warm afternoon. What a backwards day. So we turned around and walked back to the car. Instead of eating ice cream in the rain, we bought a carton at the grocery store and took it home. As we drove back up the mountain, the rain turned into snow. (this would have been a good time to be sitting in the hot tub.) He worked the rest of the evening while I sat by the fire and watched 'Youth in Revolt" ... and later ate some ice cream. ;)

It was a fun day. I also got some painting done before we played, so I'll take some pics and share that with you soon. I'm not sure if it's done or not so I might turn it into a critique. hmmm, not sure. off to create! have a fabulous day!

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