Monday, May 31, 2010

Media Monday

This Media Monday is about a great book gone movie.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

A few years ago, my sister and I decided to read this great book together. Well, not exactly "together" together. We decided to read 12 chapters a week (they are pretty short chapters and really we were holding ourselves back from reading more. It's a really smooth read and we were just trying to savor it. Plus each section had chapters divisible by 12 so it just made sense.) and then at the end of the week we discussed it. I'm a nerd so I actually would jot down topics or quotes that I wanted to remember to bring up.

The book is divided into 3 parts: Eat = Italy, Pray= India, and Love= Indonesia. After we finished the first section of the book, we had an Italian night. We went to an Italian restaurant and ordered Elizabeth Gilbert style. Then we went to a new gelato shop and tried a few yummy flavors before picking the one we wanted. We had a really fun time. After the second section, we decided to meditate together. My sister's mother-in-law was in the process of building a beautiful chapel in her backyard so we decided to do it there. We had a family night over there and when the sun started setting, the two of us went into the chapel, sat on the floor, chose our position, and meditated. Gosh, I don't remember how long we sat there. I do know that it was completely dark in there and that just as my mind would start floating, the darn peacock would start crying. I believe it was my sister's first time meditating. I was honored to get to share it with her. After the last section and we had finished the book, we discussed what to do to celebrate. This last section was a little harder to decided on an activity that fit. If you know my sister, you'll understand how shocked I was when she suggested we go get our palms read. (or maybe I suggested it and she agreed. Its a little fuzzy.) Anyways, we had full intention to go, but never just picked a time and did it.

What I'm trying to say is it's a great book and I whole heartily recommend it! Whether you read it alone or with someone else, just read it! You still have time before the movie comes out this Summer. (tentative release date August 13th) I am sooo going to see it. Wanna fly to Portland, Shell, and see it with me? It would only be fitting to see it with my sis. Mom, you can come, too. ;)

the trailer

an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert
she talks about inspiration and her creative process, which even though she's a writer and not an 'artist', i find it insightful and relevant to my life.

This interview is long by a lot of peoples standards, but when it's someone who you truly admire (as I do) it leaves me wanting more. If you'd rather listen to just a quick snippet of the full interview, you can pick and choose the topics you are most interested by going to


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  2. I've got August 13th already marked in my day planner!! I watched Julia Roberts on Oprah talking about making the movie and then they had the author on there as well! I'm super excited to see the movie!!

  3. Love EPL and Elizabeth Gilbert. Thanks for sharing the Big Think interview; I hadn't seen that one yet-- I watched the whole thing this morning!