Monday, May 3, 2010

Media Monday

I've been having a good time in Kansas. I made it to Final Friday and String Break, have hung out with family and a few friends so far and looking forward to a few more friend get togethers.

To carry on the String Break feeling a little longer, I want to share another band with you... the DeWayn Brothers. They have preformed at SB for quite a few years, including this year. However, this year they preformed as The Deedles. Some of the same members so some of the same great songs plus some new ones. I couldn't find them on GrooveShark so here's a couple links to their music instead.

The Dewayn Brothers with Kirk Rundstrom and Mike West performed on Stage 5 at the Walnut Valley Blue Grass Festival in Winfield, Ks in September of 2005. This is a rendition of Kirk Rundstrom's "Whiskey's Gone." (As you all learned, Kirk was the reason for String Break and an amazing Musician. And Mike West is equally amazing so I'll have to feature him on a future Media Monday.)

ok. enjoy the tunes

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