Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Travels' TIPs & TRICKs

My recent experience at the airport gave me an idea....to share some travel tips and tricks with you. I normally travel by car, but this time it was appropriate to fly. I found it silly to pay for checked luggage so (to my very girly sister's dismay) managed to pack 2 weeks worth of clothes and shoes into my carry-on bag. I also brought a small bookbag that contained my laptop, sketchbook, indie biz binder, and pencil bag. Oh, and I also carried a 16x20 painting (this one) that I wrapped in newspaper to disguise it as reading material. lol. it worked :)

Just to fully visualize this, my carry-on was completely full, but it just goes to show you (well, me, really) that one can get by just fine on only a few outfits. I actually didn't even wear everything I brought. well.... maybe I did. (see video below)

ok. lets get to it.

Challenge: I want to bring my scanner back to Tahoe with me. I'm too broke/cheap to mail it plus I don't want it to get damaged. I read the airlines rules on luggage and found that I was only able to bring 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item. The personal item could be a laptop bag, a briefcase, a handbag, OR a small bookbag. So I need to make my 3 items equal 2 items, without exceeding the size limitations.

Hmmm. I debated leaving most of my clothes behind and packing the scanner in my carry-on bag. Decided against it because I really wanted to have the scanner box too since traveling in the car/trailer makes loose, improperly packaged objects likely to get damaged.

Solution: I used kraft paper to make the scanner box less noticeable and hopefully pass as an over-sized (20 x 14.5 x 6) briefcase. ;) it has a handle even. I then layered as many of my clothes as I could managed without looking to 'obvious'. Since I was now wearing almost the whole contents of my carry-on, I managed to then fit my book bag and all its contents in my carry-on, plus a few items I wasn't able to wear. My carry-on I'm sure surpassed the weight limit but I knew as long as the stewardess didn't try to lift it, noone would know. (just fyi. i was a little worried about my healing hand, but it managed to help get my bag in and out of the overhead compartment resulting in a few aches afterward but doing quite fine.) I DID make it back to Tahoe, to my surprise, without being hassled or questioned about the big extra box. I didn't pass out from heat exhaustion even though it was in the 70's when I departed Wichita and when I arrived in Sacramento.

Here's a little video demonstrating my layering technique =)
note: the pink bottom layer are leggings (aka long underwear) so I didn't want to strip down to them for you.


  1. Jess! I loved this! I fly very rarely, but I do try to avoid checking bags if possible, too.

  2. You crack me up. Only a thin person could get by with that. My clothes wouldn't stretch over each other that well. Way to go!

  3. The very girly sister will continue to pay for checked bags!