Friday, October 8, 2010

Featured Friend Friday

Last March, I met Trish Wild in San Francisco and fell in love with her story. Trish has been a nurse for many years, but her real passion is her horses. She decided to retire early and spend more time on the trail. I think she says it best.

"But always, my big dream was to ride long distance. To ride away with only what I could carry with me. To live simply in the open. To meet people and experience cultures along the way. But most especially, to live with my horses day in and day out. This has always been my dream.

So finally, the time has come. My three sons are now on their own, living their dreams and taking care of themselves. They make me proud. It's time for me to finally follow my dreams and make them reality.

I have decided that I will ride from my home in Colorado to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's a rather arbitrary choice. It's really all about living with my horses 24/7 and letting the wind blow us in the direction of the day. I want to head south, because I've spent time in Mexico, Central, and South America, and I love the culture, the people, and have always felt welcome there. These places are horse oriented, and have a long history of horsemanship and horse culture. I dream of who I will meet along the way and what adventures this lifestyle might bring. One day, I would like to ride into Buenos Aires, having ridden the 10,000 miles it takes to get there. I have set a departure date of 10/10/10, because it seems like a good date to leave. An auspicious date." (quotes taken from her first posting A Lifelong Dream)

I realized that 10/10/10 was fast approaching and decided to check on her status. She has been riding all over the United States and recording her adventures on her blog THE EQUINE NOMAD. I guess there has been some question of whether or not she will be allowed to cross the border into Mexico. She is still planning to do the trip, but has a little more planning to do to get over (or 'across') this hurdle.

So if you are into horses or just living the nomadic lifestyle...simple and carefree, have a looksy at her blog. Having met her in person and seen her passion for life and adventure, really makes me want to get out there and live mine.

Happy Friday! and Happy Trails to you! .... where ever you are headed.

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