Monday, October 18, 2010

hello strangers

I have been caught up with life lately and living without internet for the most part. As a friend of mine teasingly pointed out, I have been "squatting" in my own house for the last 3 weeks. It sure shows you (well, me) how much we really need in life. A plate, a cup, one set of silverware, a pan, an air mattress, a few outfits and travel-sized bathroom necessities.

I have been hard at work finding new renters for my house and checking off home projects. For fun, I have been riding my bike and garage saling (usually both at the same time) and the garage sales keep coming here in Kansas. The weather is so lovely that I want to linger awhile longer. The weather and the birth of a special little boy are the only things keeping me from heading back to Tahoe now, because I have renters!! Yay! On to the next project. Right? Right!

Wednesday, I will be officially homeless..... again. But that's a good thing really. The baby should be here any time now, but realistically probably the last weekend of the month or the first week of November. Nick is wanting to take a quick trip to Arkansas to visit his mama for a few days (probably start heading that way on Wednesday or Thursday). Next week, we'll come back to Wichita and enjoy time with friends and family and hopefully I'll be busy shipping off all my handmade goodies to their lucky new owners.

I am almost done taking all the product photos. Next, I need to figure out how I'm going to ship them safely and for the best deal. I'm a little concerned the shipping costs might detour buyers. details. details. On to more fun. I gave one of my rooms a much needed face lift and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. That post is coming soon! And outtakes from today's photo shoot would be fun to post too.

For now, pictures of my cute friends will have to suffice you.

the expecting parents... my good friends Gretchen and Dave
(taken at my favorite bar in Wichita, listening to one of my favorite bands of all time)

my rad friend Holly covered in silly string.

Wifi is a luxury these days. I have been driving all over to find it. Wow, there are so many places that have wifi now. I'm at one of the old trusty coffee shops now and hope the pumpkin spice latte turned 'decaf' coffee (you know, it gets cold before you drink it so I had them warm it up by adding a lil' coffee) doesn't keep me up. I'm not used to drinking coffee so it makes me jittery. Well, the wifi time is tickin away. tootles for now.

jessie b.

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