Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Thursday - Halloweens Past

Today I'm going to find the materials I need to make my Halloween Costume. ok ok, I know it's almost last minute, but isn't that how everyone decides on a costume?

Just for fun, here are a few of my costumes from Halloweens Past.

yeah, ive got the look down

with the eyes

me and my cookie

see, i wasnt grouchy the whole night

in my can

this was the funnest costume to make. i already owned the belt and shoes (tho i did make/add yellow stars with rhinestones to the shoes).

this jacket was still wet (from spray paint) when i went to the party. it was seriously painted moments before we left the house. btw, im wearing a wig because my hair was dark then

eating a a hotel in Omaha, NE...about to represent Kansas at a national retreat
(i didnt make the dress. it was store bought in Omaha the day of the event)

this was actually just for fun one day. i just felt like lettin my dark side out. i didnt let it out of the house though :)

ok, time for some thrift shopping! Happy Halloween Weekend everyone!

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