Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend in Arkansas

We spent the weekend in Arkansas visiting Nick's mom. Her boyfriend has horses and a four wheeler so we had fun playing with both. I hadn't been on a four wheeler since I was a kid. I had Nick take it easy so it was a fun, exciting ride (instead of a scary, tense ride). He was encouraging me to drive, but I declined. Of course, I didn't mind posing for a picture :)

We fed and petted the Horses. We didn't end up riding them because one of them was refusing to saddle up. That suited me just fine.

Saturday we drove to Mountain View, Arkansas.

We checked out the stores, had a catfish and hush puppy dinner and then enjoyed the different jam sessions. Some call it pickin' while other's call it a hoedown. Either way, it was a fun time listening to live music under the full moon in the beautiful fall weather.

We're headin' out today. We haven't decided yet, but we're thinking about staying in Oklahoma City tonight leaving only a short drive to Wichita tomorrow.

happy travels!

jessie b

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