Monday, March 21, 2011

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You can now follow my blog with bloglovin. I originally found out about bloglovin' via one of my favorite blogs abeautifulmess, and she had this to say about it...

"Hi there! I wanted to do a quick little post about the wonders of Bloglovin' for any readers out there who haven't given it a try. It's a great simple tool for keeping up with all your favorite blogs. When I first heard about it, I wondered if it was the same as Google Reader (which I no longer use because it became overwhelming). Here's why I like Bloglovin'... It's much simpler and quicker for me to use. Instead of scrolling through all the posts you get a quick title, photo and opening paragraph for each post. That way it's easier to find the posts that you want to read. Here's what the layout looks like...

Picture 3
The other thing I LOVE is that when you click though to read a full post it takes you to the actual blog. I like seeing the banner, sidebars etc since that is also something that bloggers put a lot of work into. This also gives the blogger 'views' that help support them even if you don't leave comments. You can also 'like' favorite posts as a way to bookmark them for later. I honestly feel like using Bloglovin' has saved me tons of time already and I've started following some gorgeous new blogs that I might not have bumped into otherwise. Give it a try! XO. elsie"

So, Painting on the Road is now on BlogLovin' and I hope to see you there too!

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