Monday, March 21, 2011

31 before 32 update

I'm half way through the year (since my birthday, that is) so it's time to review how I'm doing on my

31 goals before I turn 32.

1. build
2. redesign my blog <---- Yes! more like "finally custom designed." I will likely keep making improvements until I'm satisfied with it.
3. start selling on <---- Yes!
4. sell a painting to a stranger <---- working on this one. *fingers crossed*
5. write and illustrate a children's book
6. be in a craft/handmade (ie Renegade Handmade)/art show
7. sew a dress via a pattern
8. grandma's cookbook/recipe cards
9. weekly dread love <---- work in progress
10. visit 3 new places/states <---- this is a yearly goal. I visited UT for the first time during the road trip back to Tahoe.
11. get a stamp in my passport/visit Niecey
12. make new friends and local connections <---- Yes. I joined TAL and have made friends through it and volunteered for V-Day and have made some new friends through that. Attended a local meeting for artists about plans for a coop. And attended an annual rotary club dinner and made some new friends and connections through that.
13. make an ear or neck warmer <---- Yes. I have made 9 so far. These 4 are still in the shop.

14. fill all the frames and canvases that left Asheville with me <---- in progress
15. reach day 30 of snowboarding <---- I have 24 days down so far this season. It didn't snow the whole month of January so I only went once that mth.

16. a snowboarding video, once I get better <---- started getting some footage, but it's hard to find a photographer on powder days :)
17. learn to sew a button hole
18. eat something new <---- cranberry sauce, frog legs, and (not battered or fried) calamari

(sorry, kind of gross. i didn't think to take the picture until after i had eaten it.)

(i've had battered and fried calamari before, but never this way)

19. find & try new healthy recipes...e.i. vegeburgers, beets, <---- black bean and acorn squash enchiladas, black bean salsa, pineapple pancakes, spinach hummus,
20. keep up with what my business/life models are doing/accomplishing <---- yes
21. create something in flash
22. alter clothing <---- yes. so far in addition to legwarmers and headbands, there's Nick's patchwork hoody
23. try some new dread do's <---- yes. Pippi style braids, yarn-bound braids, pinwheels, and a few others i haven't shared yet =)
24. a fun photoshoot <---- yes. they were product photoshoots, but there are some fun photos of me too.

25. make a bag <---- starting to plan
26. make a plushy <---- Yes! 2 sleeve monkeys
27. make some spunki aprons <---- in progress
28. checkout some local bands <---- yes. went to see the Jerry Garcia Band, and Mamma's Cookin'
29. get involved in the local art scene <---- yes. joined Tahoe Art League, have some paintings hanging in the Art Center, and involved with the development of an artist coop. Plan to also start volunteering with BATS (Bringing Art To Schools)
30. do something scary <---- YES! performed in the Vagina Monologues

as the 6yr old girl

31. create a schedule. tweek it as i go, but use it none-the-less <---- yeah, I use it sort of :)

Looks like I've completed half of them so far and quite a few others are in progress. That's actually better than I thought I was doing. woohoo!

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  1. Great job! Have I seen your finished book? Reaching goals are are ya