Thursday, March 31, 2011

Project Thursday

It sure was. I finished 3 projects I've been working on (and the night is still young).

Who else has been covering their sewing machines with the ugly plastic cover that comes with it? Well I admit, I have been, BUT not any more!!

I made a sewing machine cover out of the 'body' portion of a thrifted sweater that was left over from these cute legwarmers I made for my shop. I just adore chartreuse right now!

I added some green edging from a thrifted t-shirt (left over from this project) and some stitched details with yarn.

Look how cute and spunky my sewing area is now!! Btw, I didn't sew the neck shut because I can reach in and grab the handle. The handle fits perfect (viewable in the first photo).

Ok, the night is getting less young so I'm off to hopefully get some more projects done. I will share the other 2 projects with you tomorrow. night!

jessie b