Monday, June 13, 2011

Bringing Art To Schools - pics galore

A wrap up in pictures including 1st through 4th graders painting, having fun, and bringing us all a little creative inspiration.

Those little faces with colorful hair make me happy. She mixed all the different colors herself.

Adding some clouds to his cat in red shorts painting

I find it interesting to look around the room and notice that some are standing and some are sitting. One just feels more natural and eventually everyone is in their zone.

dancing on the water

purple unicorn

Love how the younger kids are so much more free flowing.

cutie pie

The little girl in the bottom right hand corner, painted this awesome flying cat!


Hmmm, what else does it need? (Can you see the influence of my octopus painting? =D)

blue elephant playing baseball

cute cow

blue cat doing a handstand

I thought she was drawing the golden gate bridge, but no, its a roller coaster. duh!

sitting, standing, in-between, and even kneeling

dog riding a bike with a dragon in a pool with Hogwarts in the background

red dragon

cute little dog house...reminds me of Snoopy's place

This one has a very mature color pallet, and he mixed all the colors himself right on the painting.

pink palm tree

shhh. Don't tell, but this is one of my favorites! Okay so you might not be able to tell what it is, but this little girl spent the entire time mixing and getting her brown just right. And i think it's absolutely perfect! I love the color combo and simplified lines/shape. Oh, yeah... it's a horse. Now you see it :)


mermaids and a city scape

flowers. See her sketch beside her?

happy painters

Oh yes, they were some happy painters.

Fun tidbit: When I was out riding my bike this weekend, I saw a little girl waving. Nick was on his bike in front of me and he waved back at her. As I approached her, I waved too and she said, "Hey, you're my art teacher!" SO CUTE!

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