Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Travels - Western Kansas

I took the bus out to western Kansas this past weekend to visit my mamma and pick up my car. We had a fun time of garage saling, thrift shopping, getting their adorable pomeranian groomed, surviving an 'almost' breakdown (car not mental) in the 100 degree weather, sewing, and early morning tea time on the patio.

check out their awesome water tower.

Her fun kitchen. I found her the yellow vintage table set a few years ago.

the ducky themed bathroom

yummy fruit cups

Ok, it's pretty unlike me to post pictures or content about dogs. I've never been a big fan. But my mom's dog is super cute.

My mom and Moya on the way to get her groomed. She was a little freaked out.

Look at her cute little foxy face. I think that's one reason I like her so much. I love foxes. She's also tiny which I like and for a little dog, she has a sweet cuddly personality and minimal barking.

A pep talk before she gets handed over for a new do.

The after shots.

Mom also showed me the shop she has some of her things in on consignment.

Lamar, Colorado.

On the drive back, I saw one of these...

and lots of these...

(and smelled lots of these.)

Welcome to western Kansas. haha :)

I am now back in the city and making progress on finding new renters. Wish me luck!


  1. So glad happy you came out. Loved spending time with you!

  2. Not to mention how dang cute your mom is!!

  3. @il panettiere, totally agree!