Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Travels - PLANS

Last week, I received an email from my renters in Kansas telling me that they want out of their lease early because he received a promotion that requires moving out of state (by August 1st). Although I am happy for their family, I am bummed out about loosing them. I was not planning to come back to Kansas this summer. Here in Tahoe, winter is just now starting to come to an end. We even woke up to 4 inches of fresh snow yesterday and I literally shoveled off the car.

(waking up in a winter wonderland. then it got up to the 50's and was beautiful out)

It was 100 degrees in Kansas yesterday. Drastic change. I was really hoping to enjoy summer in Tahoe for once. Last year, (as you might remember) I left Tahoe at the end of June. Camp is only a couple hours away and it was absolutely beautiful for the month of July that I was there. By August 1st, I was in Kansas (it was 107 when I touched down) and ended up staying til November. I have been looking forward to a beautiful Tahoe Summer of 80 degree weather, but looks like I'm headed back to Kansas to sweat it out until I find new renters.

This is my official announcement to everyone. I have not yet bought my one-way ticket or made any arrangements. I plan to fly into Wichita around the 21st, then go get my car in Syracuse. (If you are itchin' for a short road trip to Western Kansas, we are a match made in heaven :p Backup plan....there's always the bus.) As far as a place to stay in Wichita, I'm looking to possibly make a trade. Maybe some babysitting, cleaning, home repairs/redecorating, errand running etc for room and maybe some board. If you are interested in some company and extra help around the house, let me know.

I AM looking forward to seeing my family and friends! Hugs from Tahoe coming to you live real soon. :)