Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tuesday Travels - turns Wednesday Travels.

Yep, flying to Wichita, Kansas today from Reno, Nevada. I was suppose to leave yesterday but my flight got canceled. Twice. And the second time they auto-rebooked me to fly out of Chicago instead of Reno. hmmm. That wasn't going to work.

But that's all been straightened out and I'm heading to Kansas today. I'm excited to see everyone. Swim in some warm water lakes. Eat a whole lot of watermelon. Ride my cruiser with my sister (who just got a cruiser of her own) who I haven't ridden bikes with since we were little kids. Get my tan on. Maybe sweat off a few pounds. haha

I'll be touching down tonight around 7:30. Then I'll be giving out free hugs and kisses, folks, so come and get 'em!!

ps. I finally finished my snowboarding video. Woohoo! I started to upload it today, but it's going to take way too many hours to finish here so I'll have to post it tomorrow.

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