Friday, October 21, 2011

Produce and Pine Cones

It's been a busy last couple of days. I worked at the nursery on Wednesday and picked (well, I should say 'dug up') my very first potatoes and beets! So maybe it doesn't sound all that exciting but I thought is was super cool. And not only did we dig up 3 different kinds of potatoes, one of them was PURPLE! Everything's cooler with fun colors. ;)
They are extra purple when they are wet. (top 2: dry. bottom 2: wet)

I made sure to bring my camera this week so you can see the corn stalk bouquets I was referring to last week. 

And a few other farm-y things.

Look, we have egg plants on the way.

And I have also been hard at work transforming my painted pine cones into ornaments. Yesterday, I hung some at the Art Center (where I have my paintings) and also brought some to Made in Lake Tahoe (where I have other handmade goodies on consignment). I also worked at MILT yesterday and painted a few while I was sitting there.... and sold my first one. =)

I made all the curly Qs different.

Let's see... oh, and today I dusted off my sewing machine. (No really, I did. Somehow even with a cover it got dusty.) And I put it to work for the first time in months.
 I made these cute legwarmers and plan to make more aprons. 3 out of the original 4 have sold.
Alright. back to it.

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