Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project Thursday

I really got in the Fall spirit today. At the nursery, we bundled corn stalks and dried flowers and then used them to decorate the store front. This girl from Kansas felt a little closer to 'home'. Sorry, I didn't snap a photo. However, I did take a few of the corn tassels and flowers home and will for sure be taking some pictures of them this weekend.

I am doing my first outdoor show this Saturday. It will be outside a little gift shop called Heartstrings located at 1572 Hwy 395 in Minden, Nevada. I am bringing my painted pine cones, upcycled clothing, retro racks, and a few paintings I snagged back from the Art Center yesterday.

I had just brought 2 of the paintings to the center last week, managing to squeeze them in by angling a couple of the big ones. Although a tiny bit of room was made because.... I sold my first painting to a stranger last month! You might recall that that was one of the goals on my 31 before 32 list. I only missed it by 10 days, but it's all the same to me. =)

Tomorrow I'm gathering all my goodies and setting up a mock table so I'll be all ready for the show on Saturday. I'll be there from 9am til 3pm. If you're in the area, come say hi! I'm using the corn stalk tassels and flowers to decorate my booth so you might just get into the Fall spirit too.

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