Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving pants

Yesterday, the wind slowed down long enough for me to do a Christmas photo shoot outside, and the pictures turned out really cute. So today I posted a few items and spiced up my banner. The shop has officially been christmas-fied.

I'm also working on some kid legwarmers and scheming a way to borrow some kid legs. It just doesn't seem right to photograph them not being worn.

Oh, right. Soooo, Thanksgiving pants. Yesterday, I had so many different outfits out on. I like to coordinate my outfit with the item I'm photographing and with only a small portion of my wardrobe here in Tahoe, I have to get pretty creative with the few pieces I have available. Well, in my listings, I suggest wearing them over skinny jeans, although I had never even owned a pair. So on a recent thrifting run, I happened to find a pair that fit me, I guess. You know, back in the day, "skinny jeans" just meant the jeans you wear when you are feeling skinny. Just like fat jeans are the jeans you wear when your feeling bloated or the like. I still haven't worn them for a product shot yet but I feel it's coming. I hadn't planned to really wear them in real life. But for some reason, after taking off my christmasy outfits and slipping into my real outfit for the day, I thought "Hey, why don't I wear my new skinny jeans!". I only got one leg in before sanity kicked back in. WHAT in the world was I thinking! Skinny jeans on Thanksgiving! No sir-ry. I hunted down my biggest, can't keep em up without a belt (though mr belt stayed home) pants and happily skipped off to a humungous dinner at friends.

 the end

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