Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday

I've been collecting pictures of the wildlife that live around this area. The very first time I was in this neighborhood, I saw a handful of deer running through the yards and down the street. Over the last few months, I have seen only a couple, however they were right outside the front door. And of course, they like to come out when it's way to dark to be taking pictures. I managed to snap only one.

  Can you see him?
 How 'bout now?
last chance.

The other fun and quite frequent guests around the house are jack rabbits, quail, and lots and lots of lizards. Up until a couple weeks ago, I could step outside and always see a few lizards hanging out on the warm sidewalk. I'm not sure where they have run off too but somewhere warmer, I bet!

I'm not sure how I ended up with absolutely no pictures of the quail. They were quite abundant and still I hear and see a few now and again. The family of about 15 babies was the cutest.

I do however have quite a few good ones of jack rabbits. For awhile there, I was seeing them everyday.

Check out those ears!

 One day, I saw TWO through the front picture window.


aww, and a baby jack.

And then this is the best shot I've gotten. I had Nick spook him in the back yard while I waited in the front drive way. It totally worked and I got an action shot. (click on these next 2 to see larger versions)

 Then he stopped at the end of the drive. What a poser!

Most recently, we were visited by a cotton tail.

 This one reminds me of Peter Rabbit.

Oh, and a not so welcome guest.

Can you see what I see?

How about now? eek! Right?!! For those of you who don't recognize it (which I never would have) It's a scorpion.

My favorite wild thing found on a hike near here, was this caterpillar.

Isn't it the most beautiful caterpillar you ever did see?!!

There are also quite a few horses and cows around here too.... although no longer "wild", I guess.

 This horsey lives at the end of our street.

And even a few other fun "pets".

Gobble Gobble, my friends!
 Gobble Gobble.


  1. Those jack rabbit ears are crazy big!

  2. The jack rabbits are huge! They look like kangaroos!