Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas wrap up

Christmas was pretty low key this year. I stayed in Tahoe and had a big house to myself. I got together with friends and even hosted a small gathering on Christmas Day. We had a non-traditional meal of Pumpkin Chili and corn bread. Plus nachos, roasted pumpkin seeds, egg nog, and pumpkin bread. I still have so much left.

I waited until Christmas night, after everyone went home, to finally open my presents. My mom and sister wrapped them up so cute that I had them sitting out bringing a little Christmas spirit to an otherwise undecorated space.

My mom sends me my stocking every year filled with goodies. As long as I get it back to her before the next Christmas, she fills it back up and sends it back to me. It's my traveling stocking. =)

I'm also happy to report that my etsy shop did really well this holiday season. Woohoo!! Thank you to everyone who spread the word.


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