Sunday, December 11, 2011

this is a long good story

You might recall that I have been scheming to find a little girl to model some kid leg warmers. Well, yesterday, I needed to go to South Lake because Made in Lake Tahoe (the store wear I have my handmade goods on consignment) is moving to a new location. Since I was going to 'town' anyway, and it was a weekend (perfect for kids not being in school), I figured I better make my move. I called a friend who doesn't have a child of her own but has a little girl next door that likes to come over and hang out with the girls. She came over before our V-Day practice last spring and even joined us for the fun clothing swap this fall. But, besides that, she was actually one of the students I taught art to last spring! Well, my friend was out of town, but she thought it was a great idea. The only thing, the little girl's parents only speak Spanish and I don't know Spanish. Oh, and she didn't have their number so I would just have to go knock on their door. Alright, I can handle that, I think. I loaded up my tripod and such and headed to South Lake.

After I packed up and moved my things to the new location (in the Raley's Center between Savvy and Hot Cha Cha's) it was already after 3pm. As I headed out of the parking lot, I thought to myself... oh it's getting late, maybe I should just go home. See normally at home it's too dark by 4pm to take pictures. I figured by the time I got to her house, asked her, it was translated to her parents, they actually agreed, we'd pick out an outfit or two, found a good spot to take the pictures, it might be too late. I made a split decision and turned toward her house. I honestly don't even know my friends address, but I found what I believed to be her house... again she wasn't home. I parked. I got out. I started walking toward the house. I started to wonder if this was even her house. Who lived here and how was I going to communicate with the person who answers the door? I started to get cold feet and paused for a moment on the porch. You know, I vaguely remember backing away even. Then I just said, screw it, and knocked on the door. To my delight, I saw a familiar face peak out at me threw the window and smile a smile of recognition. She came to the door and I did my best to explain to her what I was wanting to do. As she went back in to ask her mother, I got my things from the car. I waited on the porch, thinking she would come back out once it was discussed. I have no idea what she said to her mother, but when I finally knocked again, I was welcomed into their home. She had already thrown on a pair of tights and was soon heading to the front yard to shoot. Yay, this thing is happening!

My camera battery is so old and it hates the cold so I was worried that it would die and waste my one chance. Well, it did show low, but we managed to photograph 4 legwarmers and a headband at lightning speed. I was there for just over 30 minutes. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I should also mention, she is a sweetheart and total cutie. Thank you, Jasmine!

Your reward for making it through all of that is to see the cutest picture! I am so in love with this picture right now. She was ok with me posting the pictures on the internet, but decided it was best not to show her face. Leg warmers were easy, but the headband was a little tricky. We came up with an adorable solution. Here ya go!

So now I have kid items in the shop and a few more to come.

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