Sunday, December 18, 2011

the Sunday Special - salty smores

The other night it was gray and wintery outside which put me in the mood for a fire. One of the great things about a wood burning stove, you can roast marshmallows. =)

Oww, and then I thought .... "why not s'mores?" I found some chocolate and marshmallows, but no graham crackers. Hmmm, time to get creative. What do we have? Aha! Saltines. That might be interesting. And it was! If you like sweet and salty, you'll love these salty s'mores.


Chocolate of your choice (I used peanut butter cups)

 I like to get my chocolate nice and melted. I put it on the cracker and use the shovel tool to rest it on the coals, while I roast my marshmallow. Put 'em together and walla. A tasty treat. Be aware that chocolate might ooze out the holes in the cracker. Hey, if s'mores aren't messy, you're not doing them right. =)

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