Friday, May 11, 2012

Farm days and Froggies

It's been a pretty busy week. After a nice long vacation with my mom, we woke up in Maui on Monday, flew back to Cali, and spent the night in Sacramento. My cousin was a gracious host and fabulous cook.

Early Tuesday morning, I took mom to the airport. We both somehow missed the turn and didn't realize it until we were many miles past it. Although she arrived only 30 minutes before take off, still had to check in, got in the wrong airline's line, and literally had to run to the gate, she made it in time and actually had others board after her. I made it back to Tahoe that morning in time for breakfast and a much savored shower before catching a movie with friends and then a private-ish wine (beer, cocktails, and food) tasting party. Usually at those kinds of events you get a little taste, but some booths were handing out full glasses. Luckily it was a pina colada and boy was it tasty! After getting up at 4:30 and not being a big drinker, I was asleep by 7 something.

Wednesday night was the monthly Art League meeting. We usually just have a demonstration or lecture after the meeting, but this time we got to play. I made a little frog (with pan pastels) in honor of my nephew. It was his birthday and he choose frogs as his party theme this year.

Thursday I worked at the Art Center and today I volunteered at the Farm Days festival in Carson City. It was fun gettin' dirty with the kids. They each got to take home a lettuce starter. And now I'm getting so hungry smelling bread baking. I created a vegan sunflower seed recipe that I'll share if its worthy. But boy does it smell worthy. mmmm

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