Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Thursday

Yay! The homemade mannequin works! Here's my first completed piece using it.

I also made this little work of art this week.

And I'm working on these hand painted shoes.

I painted the heels aqua (like the toes), but not sure what else to paint there. My thoughts so far... 'spunki' on the left one and 'doodle' on the right. =) I could leave it blank and let the buyer pick something. Or maybe a lady bug on one and a patch of grass on the other? What do you guys suggest I paint on it? I also haven't decided what I'm doing with the inward facing side. I did the outward facing side stripes. Should I paint the inward side the same, leave it solid brown (as it is now), or something else all together?

Update: The heels now have ladybugs playing in the grass, and I've added the mushroom shoes and the apron top to my etsy shop