Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gypsy Fort

As most of you know, my house has been virtually empty for a year now. To make the space inviting and cozy for my birthday party, I had the idea of creating a gypsy lounge in the living room.

I borrowed some twinkle lights, grabbed a handful of vintage sheets from my beloved collection, and started building what might well be my very first fort.

I first put up the twinkle lights. They were so magical just by themselves, I really debated whether or not to build the fort after all. I loved how open it was and didn't want to fill it with a bunch of bulky objects. After much debate and encouragement, I decided to continue.

To avoid a lot of bulky objects or having to patch any holes in the walls/ceiling, I managed to use only 1 ladder, a long pieces of wood, a curtain rod (in addition to the one already above the window), rope, and safety pins to construct it. Luckily, one corner of the room had a hook in the ceiling, the other wall had the curtain rod, and there were also two air vents. Then I used the rope to string up the sheets, zig zagging from one side of the room and back. The ladder was used as the entrance and the wood and extra curtain rod sat on the top step with a blanket and actual curtains on them.


I was really happy with how it turned out and everyone seemed to love hanging out in this special space. For those who slept over, we fell asleep under the magic of the twinkle lights and billowing floral ceiling.

A magical place I am still waking up to every morning as I have not yet found it in me to let it go just yet.

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