Monday, September 9, 2013

Media Monday - Brush Bash

A friend of mine I hadn't seen in quite some time, invited me to a free event of live painting and music. Free. Art. Live music. I'm in! I didn't bother to read the details or check out the bands ahead of time, which brought on a few fun surprises.

My friend was actually one of the artists doing the live painting. He knew I would want to jump in so he brought these cute mini-canvas and paint sets. Another artist friend of mine came with me and we were immediately excited and began painting too. Bonus for her, she now has a super cool activity for guests at her engagement party next week. I love that idea!

They were about 2x2" and had little mini easels too.

When the artists were done painting, one of them was picked to paint a mural and was given a $1000 check. Man! I wish I had heard about this event sooner.

It gets even better. Brody Buster Band and Deadman Flats were the two bands lined up. Brody Buster Band was up first. At this point, my friends had left. And although I didn't mind enjoying the evening by myself, I started calling out to my friends who I knew would be digging the bluesy sound and sweet sweet harmonica.

The name Deadman Flats sounded familiar, but I wasn't sure if I had ever seen them before. Well, I was in love before they even finished the sound check! Half of the first band joined them, including the harmonica. And although they were good without it, honestly, the harmonica put them over the top. The lyrics had me laughing out loud. I could not sit still. And before I knew it, I was singing along to songs I was hearing for the first time. All my bluegrass lovin' friends would have been eating that shit up! I wish they had been able to experience it with me.

I did my best to guess at the song titles, so I could hopefully share a playlist here. Hank O., the bassist for both bands, was patient enough to go through my jumbled mess of a list and help make sense of it. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any streaming music. He did, however, mention they are on itunes if you are into that.

Here's a little taste. 

While we were chatting, the owner of Lucky's and Kirby's (2 bars in town) came over and swapped info with him. Looks like my friends are going to get a second chance to hear them after all! Deadman Flats rock! Keep an eye out for them this fall at Lucky's.

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