Friday, March 26, 2010

Art critique #2 - follow up

Follow up to art critique #2. Yes, I know it took so long for me to follow up on this one that you've probably completely forgotten about it. So if you need a refresher, check out Art Critique #2 and even read the comments/suggestions given. I have taken some of your advise and of course throw some of my own in there.... still not sure if it's completely done, but done enough is what I'm telling myself. It's time to move on. (actually I cheated and painted something else, too... I'll share that with you next week.)

If you have suggestions or feedback, it's still welcome. That's what these critiques are all about.
This one is pretty different than what I usually do... experimenting :)

just fyi... most of the fairies are an inch or less in height/length

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