Thursday, March 11, 2010

Portland photos

i have been a little preoccupied with my hand and the indie biz class that i realized i hadnt even posted any pics of portland.

we got there thursday night (as my previous posts mentions), met and hung out with Kate and Rachel who i found through club indie. (i linked to there blogs if you wanna check them out) came back to the room, fell, broke my hand, spent the night in er.

Friday, spent the am in my room trying to rest for a few hours while trying to find someone to put on a cast. went back to the er, grrr. then was so anxious to get out and actually see the town so we went for a drive. it was beautiful out. we stopped at a garage sale (and even nick said it was a good one. i was waiting for him, haha) and spent a dollar on an unopened bag of sea foam green lawn chair webbing, and a mini turquoise bag (maybe 4x4) i want to embellish. we went back to the room for a little bit so nick could do some work. alice in wonderland opened and we both wanted to go. he saw a cool place called living room theater, but by 5ish, all the remaining shows were sold out. so we hit the streets and just walked around downtown til i saw an inviting dive bar called TugBoat brew co. we stopped in for a hummus plate and some drinks. im not a beer drinker but was offered to try the cider which wasnt too bad. we played a game of gin (though i wasnt able to hold all ten cards and arrange them with one hand, so i had them in my lap and even on the table with opponents eyes closed). back on the street we stopped at a place that sold pizza by the slice, but i wasnt impressed with the dry vege variety. after a long day, we walked back to the hotel and called it a night.

they had books, games, and cards

saturday, we went to the saturday market.

at first glance, it says swankey

there was an import side ...

and a handmade side...
(was actually on the other side but the handmade crafters i asked, turned down the photo opt)

with food throughout.

there was live folk music,

some street/break dancers, someone preaching while standing on a plastic crate...and it was right by the river where we watched the draw bridge go up.

after that we found a sunny place on the grass and saw a bag-piper riding a unicycle.

we walked back to the room to get the car and headed out to the Columbia River Gorge.

saw some beautiful waterfalls.

we stopped at an all-you-can-eat indian restaurant on the way back and tried all sorts of new and mostly yummy treats.

we went back to the room early and watched a movie via laptop before bed.

sunday, we decided to head back to tahoe instead of venturing further up north. it took over 13 hours to make it home with 2 stops to eat and a side trip to try and see a lava field (or something). since the trip was cut short, i had plenty of memory space to take a loooonng video of the drive. darn, looks like it's too long to even upload.

note: the photos are a mix of mine and nick's both

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