Monday, March 1, 2010

weekend recap

happy monday. just recapping the weekends activities. friday night it started to snow so we stay in and watched movies and ate popcorn. by the morning there was about a foot of snow.

we got up early to hit the mountain before it got to tracked out (translation: we wanted to snowboard down fresh snow that hadn't been riden on already). it was foggy out, but it was such a good day. nick took me down a new area (new to me) that wasn't groomed and man it was deep. so exhausting to keep having to get back up out of it. he stayed with me down the new part the first time and then i went 3 more times by myself. i was so happy that i kept getting better. i hard did any turns the first time and the rest of the times that pretty much all i was doing. i convinced myself that there was no reason to be scared, cuz it would be pretty hard to hurt myself in this much snow. it was pretty packed down by the 3rd and 4th times, but was still good. cant wait for the next dump!!!

later on in the day, the sun finally decided to come out.

by then we had headed down to lakeside (a casino) for happy hour specials. yay $5 burger and fries (that we actually should have split). met some candians at the bar and had a lovely convo and then played some blackjack. if you have a ski pass, the casino gives you (daily) vouchers. 1 $5 bet match and 1 free drink. i borrowed $5 from nick and used my voucher... and went home with $50!!!!!!!!! yay!! (and that was after paying him back and tips and such).

oh, and this one had a birthday yesterday. we ended up taking it pretty easy tho. vaca coming up in just a couple days. another yay!!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday. Didn't know your birthday was the day after Mike's. Glad you're having a great time snowboarding.