Saturday, March 20, 2010

last week of winter recap

The snow has really been melting this week which is sad for my snowboarding goal, but yay for walks without coats. maybe when i get my cast off there will still be a little snow on the slopes to get a few more days in.

quick list of things i did this week.
*bought my domain and web hosting for 2 years.
*set up my new etsy account with my business name
*made my blog public and got my first comment from a stranger (that was fun!)
*went for a couple walks
*tried to help fly a kite on a not-so-windy day
*fell in a field of snow (where we were trying to fly the before mentioned kite) catching myself with my broken hand. it still thinks it's healthy and just wants to help. luckily it was snow and not the hard ground, plus it instantly got "iced". it seems to be unhurt.
*hung my inspiration board right above the kitchen table (which is where i work mostly anyway so perfect)
*i decorated my business binder, but im not impressed with how the cover came out so ill revisit it again when ive got an idea how to make it better.
*i was however impressed with my dividers and tabs i made with my one handed sewing skills!
*saw alice in wonderland in 3d. *yawn*
*i made my best smoothie to date. vanilla chai tea from bolthouse farms, vanilla yogart, frozen blueberrys and peaches, flax seed. ooooohhh yum!
*finished my first term (out of 3) of my indie biz class and am caught up on "homework"
*tonight im hoping to play some games with friends

(foam i used as backing for my inspiration board)

butterfly pillowcase i used over it

my board hung even with the 3d pieces

my binder cover

fronts of 5 dividers with pockets on the fronts of 4 of them.

backs of the dividers. the three with paper sack backs are big pockets.

example of pockets. index card poking out of them.

i had fun collaging them. this my calendar divider. "chop to it TODAY!"

*bonus pic. this is the back cover i doodled left handed on. not too siked about it either. i did the back first with the intention to wrap the doodles around the spine and to the front but stopped when i decided to go another route.

blueberry peach chai smoothie


  1. Great job getting so much done last week!! Woohoo!

  2. Your smoothie looks to die for, and you got a lot accomplished in the class for the week, good job, a heck of a lot more than I did, it's great your moving forward with all your ideas