Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally got a cast today

it's GREEN!

my fingers are still pretty swollen and have some bruising, but the doctor told me to start moving them. he was wanting me to make a fist but i could barely move them. ever since i left the doc's office, i keep reminding myself to close and extend my fingers. little steps though. ive tried to push and pull but that still hurts. ive been able to file my nails, unzip a bag, push some buttons, etc. i think once the swelling goes down, my skin wont be so tight. typing will have to continue with one though. turning my wrist and trying to get it in the right position is quite awkward.

(my middle finger and palm have the most bruising)

i got home and just feel so healthy and alive. sort of weird... but i just feel good.

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