Friday, April 30, 2010

Featured Friend Friday

Howdy. I'm back in Wichita KS for a visit and have been hanging out with my friend Travis. We met about 8 (wow!) years ago in college. He has a BA in Graphic Design and a BA in Computer Science, but is also a painter and photographer. So, I want to give some love to my friend and share his work with you.

It's pretty fitting that this is being posted on a Friday and of all Fridays... Final Friday. For those that live in Wichita (or other cities who have a similar monthly event), know that Final Friday is a city-wide gallery crawl. Travis is showing some of his work tonight (as he often does), and in addition to that, he has work on display at three other locations in Wichita and two in Eldorado KS.

here's the down and dirty.

Travis Hinnen
graphic design, artist/painter, and photographer

"Kanza" is one of his popular digital pieces. A Wichita woman recently purchased this print to give as a gift to her husband who is being deployed. She hopes it will remind him of home while he is away.

Description of his process for his digital pieces: "i decide which elements i wish to photograph and then which of those go together to create a stronger piece"... he then does his Photoshop magic and has them Lamin-printed. Lamin prints are an alternative to framing. They are "timelessly sealed, glare-proof and washable." It allows the photo to be ready to hang as well as protects it from UV rays. (translation: the print is adhered to a board that has a notch on the back for easy hanging and coated to protect the image from the elements.)

"Kernel" is my favorite digital piece. I just love the colors and the visual texture.

Travis' main camera: Canon digital Rebel XSI

here's one of his Jackson Pollock-like paintings

These are some of my favorite photos he's taken

he likes to collect: Vintage Cameras

here's a couple of his toy models

left: 4 lens 4 color 35 mm camera
right: Mego medium format camera(diana knockoff)

he's current obsession: 120 medium format square pics

If you are in the Wichita area tonight, come see Travis at the Old Town Ballroom. If you miss him tonight, you can find him at Twist on May 15th and at his solo show May 28th at Jones Gallery.

so find him....befriend him...i did :)
web site:

thanks, Travis! see you tonight

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