Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Travels

I just returned home last night from a long weekend camping at Feather Falls. We hiked in on Friday night.

We got really lucky with the weather. Blue skies. Perfect temperatures.

the gang (minus me =) somebody has to take the pics, right?)

Feather Falls

Saturday morning. The stream flowing beside our campsite (looking right)

(looking left)

My tent. Getting the fire going to start making breakfast.

We ate so good on this trip. We made biscuits (in the dutch oven) and gravy with hash browns the first morning, pancakes and bacon the second morning, one of the meals we had lasagna with garlic bread, and brownies, and every night we toasted these HUGE marshmallows (I didn't take a pic though.)

A sunny spot that would have been fun to swim in IF the water was warm.

little hike to ...

a really great spot to sun bath on the rocks and dip our toes in water

lots of newts to be found

one of our friends brought this koolaid cup along and I just thought is was so cute

hanging out at the top of the water fall

a nice little walk on the trail. Nick and I stayed an extra night while the rest of the gang went home Sunday.

These little lizards were hanging out around our camp. They look like they are doing push-ups.

We learned to play mancala and made our own 'board' on a flat rock table (we also created) and used rocks we gathered. The lines were drawn with charcoal.

goodbye campsite. you were awesome!

On the hike out we stopped along the way to smell the flowers and enjoy the surroundings. These dark purple flowers had the strongest scent...mmmm it was nice.

Yep, and that's me after 4 days of living in the wilderness.

Happy Trails everyone!

ps. there are a few other photos on my flickr


  1. those blue flowers are lupine! How can you not love wild California??????

  2. these pictures look amazing!!! i'm deathly afraid of camping but your photos might just convince me otherwise...

    do you go hiking often? because it looks like you do... what do you pack? what do you not touch? omg, make a post about camping please?!!! :)

    PS, love your blog!