Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodbye Camp Augusta

My month volunteering at Camp Augusta was amazing. I was welcomed into the community with open arms (literally, they're all big huggers) and felt right at home. I was a HERO for the entire period, which means I didn't have a cabin of campers that I slept with and spent a majority of the day with. Instead I was able to spend time with lots of different cabins and villages. There are 4 villages... Pine for the younger boys, Manzanita for younger girls, Cedar for older boys and Oak for older girls. I was primarily a HERO for Manzanita, but teaching clinics and participating in the evening programs/games allowed me to interact and get to know campers from all the villages. Some of the clinics I taught include Plant and Animal Farm (we have 5 goats and some chickens plus a good size garden), Felting (my very favorite), Tie Dye, Candle Making, Candle Carving, Friendship Bracelets, Hemp Bracelets, Recycled Bowls, Celtic Arts, Plantable Cards, Paper Marbling, Wire Jewelry, Creative Boxes, Puppet Making, and Book Binding, plus non-Arts&Crafts clinics like Crazy Canoe and Giant Swing.

(another cute goat picture :)

I also led a variety of PlayStations (not an electronic game... they are games and activities outside) from arts and crafts to an hour of silence (love!) to Creek Hammocking to Taunting Traffic in Costume. Camp has lots of photos of these activities that I will get a copy of after summer ends (so I'll probably share more later), but here are some fun pics I took with my personal camera.

Hippie Themed Lunch

(pilar, eleanor, katie, lilly, and me in hammock village)

edible flowers from our garden. they were quite peppery

(margaret, franny, emma, eleanor)

other tasty camp meals

the secret pool and the secrets ;) it shall keep

one of many costumes

the Wood Cookie i received along with a touching speech on my last day at camp

To everyone at Camp Augusta, thank you for embracing me as your own and allowing me to share in the magic.

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  1. The whole experience is sooo you. Noted: back of cookie, one of the adjectives "messy" hahaha. Did you tell them our friends use to call you that?

    The best part is the SMILES in all your pictures. It says it all.