Tuesday, August 31, 2010

still in Kansas

It's approaching a month of being in Kansas. Time is flying by and I'm busy figuring out what the next chapter of my life is going to be. Here are a few things on my plate.
  • I am still in the process of finding the perfect renters. *fingers crossed*
  • I am working on some handmade goods and plan to open my Etsy shop in a couple weeks. I think I might set the deadline for my birthday.
  • I have so many decisions to make regarding my immediate future.... the most pressing being: Do I risk canceling my health insurance? (Cobra is a killer)...and the other biggie is WHERE IN THE WORLD, strike that, UNITED STATES am I going to live once my house is rented again? (I might just do a whole post on that last one and see what you guys think.)
  • other stuff too boring to mention, but on my plate non-the-less
No matter how full our plates get, take a moment to get some fresh air and play.

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