Friday, August 13, 2010

SF Renegade

I made it to the San Francisco Renegade a couple weeks ago (wow, has it really been that long?) and met Elsie from aBeautifulMess. I also stayed in a hostel for the first time ever.

I arrived in SF Friday night (by car, bus, train, bus, hike) and boy was it chilly! I only brought my camping backpack and had to pack light (plus I was coming from a warm place headed to an even warmer place) so I didn't pack any pants. I made my bed at the hostel and stowed away my pack before heading off to a nearby food festival. I figured the longest line had to be the best food so I jumped in line. They (Curry Up Now) ran out of the chicken tikka masala before I reached the window so I tried a kathi roll instead. It was tasty, but now tikka masala is on my list of foods to try.

pics of the hostel's community kitchen and outdoor dining space

Saturday morning, I hopped on a bus with one of my hostel roommates and headed to Mission to find some cheap pants. A short time later, I was sportin' my "new" cute $6 pants from good ol' Thrift Town. I headed back to Fort Mason to check out the Renegade Fair.

and the best part of the whole weekend... I got to meet two awesome chics! Gia and Elsie. Gia and I were students in Elsie's Indie Biz class last spring and decided to meet Elsie together at the fair.

Gia, Elsie, & me (taken by Gia's son)

Elsie and her sister Emma shared a booth with Twinkie Chan

I've been following Elsie for quite a few years now. You might remember this blog post from last August when I made a pit stop in Springfield, MO in hopes of meeting her then. Who knew that us 2 Mid-Westerners would meet up a year later on the West Coast.

Elsie & me (taken by Gia)

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  1. Yeah! A picture with your idol! Elsie is just too cute for words...yes I follow her also.