Sunday, August 8, 2010

the Sunday Special - Camp Augusta Cookies

Soon (hopefully tomorrow) I'm gonna post more camp pictures and some from my weekend in San Francisco.

In the mean time, you may enjoy the Sunday Special ... 'Ode to Camp Augusta' edition.

A friend of mine who works in the kitchen at camp, did something really sweet for me. I made a request that we have cookies (not just any cookies, but camp's chocolate cookie bars) for dessert before I left. The menu was already determined and cookies were not on it so instead, he invited me to come back to the kitchen after work was done for the day, and make a small batch of cookies with him.

in the kitchen with Jim

the recipe

Yummy cookies!

Quite a few staff members were hanging out in the kitchen that night (like a lot of nights) and so sharing of the cookies became a fun part of the experience. Oh, and it took 5 tries to get a picture of me without a few goof balls in there too. Here are a couple funny outtakes.


  1. Fun. I want to see the pic with the pink tights.

  2. mom use to make these. do you remember me making these for you? my favor thing is your beautiful smile! and the onriness going on behind you...hahaha

  3. hmmm, I remember you baking cookies lots of times, but I don't necessarily remember the bars. thanks mom :)
    yeah, they are pretty onri.