Monday, August 23, 2010

a week at Ann's

I spent the last week at my friend Ann's house with her and her 3 beautiful children. She had Tuesday off, which happened to be the kids last day of summer break, so we went running around all day. She took me to a new-to-me restaurant. It was so tasty that I met another friend there just a couple days later.

i had the special: chicken crepes and cream of tomato soup (soup in below pic)

Ann's roast beef sandwich was so good that I ordered it on my return 2 days later with another friend. We ran a bunch of errands and then came home to enjoy this scrumptious coconut drink. It has big meaty chunks of coconut in it. Soooo good, but very high in sugar. Too bad too, because I could seriously drink this every day.

We also made chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

And I taught the kids to make friendship bracelets. Kamryn (the oldest) did a great job and finished hers all by herself, the other two needed a little help ;)

Wednesday, the two oldest headed off for their first day of school. So cute! I can't wait to see the youngest in her little jumper. She starts pre-k today!

And Saturday I went Skating with these cuties!

I've been wanting to introduce these two for years. So happy they hit it off.

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  1. What a great week! Give Ann hugs for me. The kids are sooo cute.