Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Projects revealed

I have a few projects to share with you. I have been busy busy the last 2 weeks. My sewing machine has never gotten so much action before. For my nephews, I made sleeve monkeys. (the cousin to sock monkeys) I made Nick a custom designed hoodie and an ornament, plus a stocking for each of us.


One of the sleeves. The material I cut off between their legs was used to make their arms.

Monkey pieces

body stuffed with balls of yarn. now i know that real stuffing looks a lot different.

hand-stitched eyes

monkey parts :)

Skinny body before it was stuffed.

Over-stuffed body. I opened him back up and took out some of the stuffing added a belly button :) and a little more rounded head.

Finished Yellow E monkey

Finished Blue A monkey

Butt tats

They turned out a little more "monster monkey" like... actually they remind me of a stuffed cow I had as a child. He had a tongue that stuck out too and I called him Cow Lick. :)

They other projects are coming up in separate posts.


  1. The boys love their monkeys! They've been sleeping with them every night!

  2. My friend and co-worker thinks you should sell these! Good job.

  3. aww, so happy the boys like them!

    and thanks mom! let them know they can request a custom order from me ;)