Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree

Last Sunday, we drove to some public land to find and cut down our Christmas tree. A first for me!! I was imaging that we were going up into the mountains and there was going to be lots of snow and it was going to be cold. I dressed all warm in layers and my snow boots and was surprised to find ourselves here ..............

in the desert really
plus we were in the middle of a warm front so it was nice and warm and very enjoyable searching for the perfect little tree

here's the cute little guy we picked

cut down

and took home

With decorations back in Kansas, we stopped at Michael's and got some cool LED ball lights, some colorful mini bulbs, and 2 (we needed more, but it wasn't on sale so we stretched 2) rolls of colorful ribbon. The bulbs are orange, green, blue, and dark pink. They didn't have any hooks so instead we braided different colors of yarn together. They turned out pretty cute. We picked out 2 different ribbons for the garland. One is white with red polka dots and the other is orange with darker orange polka dots. I have never had a 'designed' tree with no sentimental ornaments on it. It's quite refreshing actually. Clean. Oh, and we picked up the 'tree skirt' from the Goodwill. 2 pretty orange table clothes.

And always my favorite.... all light up!


  1. David, the kids and I did a "public land" Christmas tree once! More fun that going to Home Depot, etc. Nice job, you guys!

  2. opps... more fun THAN....

  3. Very nice! Homemade touches are always wonderful. Through the years most of my tree skirts have been tablecloths or blanket throws. I like the look a lot. Orange is a fun color...great choice.